Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, today I walked the length of Manhattan.

Today Liza and I decided to follow through on a borderline insane idea we've had for awhile -- walking the length of Manhattan.

To spare the uninitiated a bit of Googling, the walk is about thirteen miles in total. For anyone considering embarking on a similar mission, we started around 12:30 noon and got to Battery Park around 6:30 pm (also, we took a long break for lunch). The goal was to start the day off the 225th St. 1 train station in the Bronx, walk over the Broadway Bridge, and then walk all the way down to Battery Park to take the Staten Island Ferry. We had some delays in getting to our starting spot due to subway construction (read: my accidental trip to Queens). But after that, it was a surprisingly easy walk, considering comfy shoes, company, and conversation.

We walked from 225th to 110th without stopping at all, primarily down Broadway. Then we made a brief stop to visit the Cathedral of St. John the Divine:

We ate lunch at an Italian restaurant and enjoyed sitting down for awhile before continuing our journey. We zig-zagged a little, cutting over to Amsterdam and West End and walking through Hell's Kitchen before going back over to Broadway to walk through Times Square.

When we reached the southernmost tip of Manhattan, we watched the sun set in Battery Park (you can see the Statue of Liberty in the background here).

To complete our mission, we took the Staten Island ferry round-trip before taking the subway back home to Brooklyn. Which means, of course, that if you count my accidental trip to Queens that I set foot in all five boroughs today!

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