Friday, June 25, 2010

Gallery-Hopping in Chelsea / Video Links

The art opening at the Mary Ryan Gallery turned out to have more in the way of free beer than free wine and cheese, but one of the other galleries we found had wine and cheese puffs, so it more than evened out. The theme of the exhibit is Heads or Tails, which basically means that all of the pieces involve heads and/or butts. There were a lot of dressed-up people walking around the block, so we investigated further and found two other art openings, as well as an exhibit of giraffe paintings by an artist named Tommy Tone.

This is the only picture of his that I can find online, but I really liked his paintings and all of the bright colors that he used. He also had an adorable print of a pig that read "I love you like a pig loves corn". I commented that if I were ever an eccentric millionaire (this is one of my career goals), I would designate a room of my house the Giraffe Room and decorate it with giraffe paintings. Liza noted that it would be awesome to be able to tell guests, "Ah, yes! And you can sleep in the Giraffe Room."

One art opening we stumbled upon was a true hipster haven, with both the Stella Artois and the facial hair flowing. The best/worst piece was a giant beige upside-down letter T. We pretentiously hypothesized that it represented how you must turn society on its head to make real art, man.

Videos you should watch STAT if you somehow haven't already:

Hanson's new single, "Thinking 'Bout Something"

Janelle Monae, "Tightrope"

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