Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jersey Shore Cast Reenacts Twilight

So, I started a new part-time job this week, as an assistant literary publicist. I'm keeping my old coffee-making job, too, but the combination of the two should mean that I'm able to start saving some money for the possibility of grad school, which is exciting. It's also nice to have something in an industry I've been wanting to work in, and I think I should be able to learn a lot, plus glean some free books out of the deal. (EDIT: And while I was writing this, my new boss just emailed me to see if I wanted a free lunch tomorrow! I know they say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but...)

Since some of the company's authors have Twitter accounts, I finally caved and made one for myself, just in case I'm ever asked to update them (so I know how it works). Despite earlier commiseration with Nomi over how Twitter represents the demise of the English language, I'm going to give it a chance. My name on there is watermelonshirt.

I've recently realized how easy and convenient it is for me to get to the beach (Coney Island), which is a good sign for summer. I can get there in less than 45 minutes on the subway. My new resolution is to dip my toes in the ocean at least once a week. On Sunday, Liza, Nomi, and I spent the whole day at the beach, and then I went back on Tuesday to go for a run. Glorious.

I'm trying to show myself some compassion, give myself a break when I feel like I need one. With both jobs, I'll be working six days a week, with shifts at both jobs on one day so I can have Sundays off. I have a whole list of things I should get done today (especially since it'll be my last non-Sunday day off for awhile), but I decided it was important to sleep in, revel in the window A/C unit that I inherited from a former roommate, and get some writing in. (I'm worried about the A/C driving up our utility bills, though, so I have a rule for myself that I can only use it when I am in my room and awake with the door closed.) In a bit, I'll have some cookies for breakfast, take a shower, and get on with being an adult. I just needed a few hours off from that.

Tonight we're going to the opening for an art exhibit to which I have indirect social connections. I have no desire to say no to the possibility of wine and cheese.

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