Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Stuff Happens in Brooklyn, Evening Edition

I interrupt the regular-scheduled tour-of-Wales-and-England program to bring you the evening edition of Big Stuff Happens in Brooklyn:


Sarah Rosner, with whom I went to Sarah Lawrence, started a dance company after graduation called The AO Movement Collective. On Sunday, she was on the front page of the NY Times dance section, with an overall positive review (albeit with some uncalled-for body snark) by notoriously hard-to-please critic Alastair Macaulay. I performed in a modern dance piece with Sarah my first year of college, and she is an extremely driven, passionate choreographer and dancer -- and I am so, so excited for her success.


Two of my very favorite people in the world, DJ Sicksentz and Matt Heern recently collaborated on a video that I am embedding below for your viewing pleasure:


I was walking around in Fort Greene last week, rather on a mission because I was running a little late, when suddenly a dude in a headset blocked my path. "Uh, excuse me, miss? I'm going to need you to cross the street. We're filming over here." Naturally, I asked what was being filmed -- it was a movie called My Last Day Without You. (My aunt B was disappointed when she looked at the cast -- she was that I am "famouser than anybody in that stupid movie", and lamented that I had to cross the street.) It probably speaks to my Midwestern spirit when I am still excited when I am slightly inconvenienced by filming -- my former flute teacher, who lives on the Upper West Side, once complained "Yeah, I had to move my car again."

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