Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Night & Not Goodbye

Nomi recently left Brooklyn to set off on a new adventure -- living in Munich for a year and being an au pair for two German children. A few days before she left, we had dinner in Chinatown and she revealed that she hadn't been to all five boroughs -- she was missing Staten Island. While I can't call myself the biggest explorer on the Island (though I have a ton of coupons for it), it seemed a travesty to allow her to leave without having set foot in all the boroughs. So Liza, Monica, and I stepped in and decided that a proper send-off would be to take the (free) Staten Island Ferry and picnic while we watched the sun set.

Liza & Nomi by the ferry terminal.

Nomi watching for the Statue of Liberty.

Liza, Monica, & Nomi being ON A BOAT

I was really excited to find Fruit by the Foot at the grocery store, as I was under the impression that it had gone the way of the dodo.

(This is my favorite picture of the bunch, by far.)

Other than that -- trying to soak in the last of the free summer events that Brooklyn's blessed with. Saw Labyrinth on the big screen at McCarren Park last Wednesday (and the people-watching! all the hipster children with old-fashioned names!). Yesterday Cliff & I went to see Kid Sister and Chromeo play for free at the Williamsburg Waterfront. It was pouring and thunderstorming and wonderful. Now that I think of it, I think that every outdoor concert I've ever been to can be described as pouring, thunderstorming, and wonderful. I love thunderstorms.

I'm also really into sandwiches lately. I wonder if I started reviewing sandwiches on here if I could con[vince] anyone to give me free food.

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