Thursday, January 20, 2011

Instead, here is Johnny Depp holding a puppy.

Well, I was planning to write a post about street harassment and how it's ridiculous that any situation in which human beings feel threatened is still seen as a feminist issue, but I just don't have the energy today. I think all I would like to do is wear a bathrobe and drink a rather strong fuzzy navel (haters gonna hate; sorry you don't feel secure enough to enjoy delicious beverages with funny names), and think about snuggling with puppies.

So, please accept this photo of young Johnny Depp holding a puppy.

I got a thank-you over at Cute and Cuter for submitting this article. Although I think the following photo is more in the true spirit of the blog than the one that was posted over there:

Hadn't heard this Ingrid Michaelson cover 'til today -- makes me want to get back into tango & ballroom.

EDIT: Oh man, I just went to Google Usher and one of the suggestions was "Usher with Pitbull". Talk about disappointing when I found out that meant this guy.


  1. I appreciate it when people with blogs are honest about how sometimes, blogging just needs to be real and right now. (it is my inability to do this that has prevented my blogging)

  2. Sometimes when I read your blog, I glance at the Feedjit and it says something like, "a visitor from Kuala Lumpur visited" and I'm like "OMG someone else in Kuala Lumpur?!?!" and then I realize that it's referring to me. I'm like a dog who doesn't understand the mirror.

  3. Liz -- Hey, thanks. Sometimes Johnny Depp-with-a-puppy is what really needs to be said.

    Anne -- Awww, that makes me think of my puppy from when I was younger. When he was first introduced to the mirror, he tried to lick it, then started barking. I think as long as you don't do that, you will probably be okay.