Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Mother Knit Me a Capelet

Starting today into next week, I am going to make some headway and all of the projects I've promised to do for people and haven't follow through yet, while fully intending to do so, even if this is months after the fact. Some of these projects include editing the beginning of a friend's novel, and writing a the text of children's book so my friend Matt can illustrate. Get psyched.

I'm kick-starting this with two such projects before I head out for the night:

Project Request #1: Take pictures wearing the capelet that my mother knit me for Christmas.

Project Request #2: Take a picture next to a drawing that my friend Kenly drew of me.

So here we go with project #1:

When my mom told me she was knitting me a capelet, I didn't know what it was, and I had to Google it. She explained that I could wear it a bunch of different ways, but she was concerned that said capelet would not be stylish in New York.

I don't make any claims to being stylish -- in all honesty, I pretty much still dress like I did when I was 12 except minus the Catholic-school uniform -- but I think it works, don't you?

(All stupid Myspace-y faces are to demonstrate said high-fashion of capelet, obvs.)

It started simply enough, with intentions to photograph a few of the capelet-wearing methods that my mom had mentioned to me over the phone. This is the over-the-neck method!

Capelet on the go!

Capelet over-the-shoulder!

Arguably, the safest way to exercise second-amendment rights.

And then, once I tried the over-the-head capelet method, things started to get weird:

I call this one: "Why, yes, I will make you cupcakes. AND THEN KEEEEEL YOU."



The lighting is pretty egregious in my apartment (capelet is more purple than brown, as it appears in some of the photos) -- I really should have taken these while I had natural light earlier -- but anyway, CHECK. Mission accomplished.

Project #2:

Kenly is a professional artist and does storyboards for movies. I met him while I was couch-surfing between apartments last January. I was leaving for work one day and he asked if he could draw me -- and this was the result:


Oy, got carried away -- it's later than I thought. Into the night, zoom zoom!

QUICK EDIT: I think I just really like the word "capelet".


  1. Have fun with the children's book!

  2. Bow down before the Capulet! Love it! This looks very much like a cowl, which one would wear with just your face showing and the rest of it down your neck. Think of it like a face sleeve. Of course, then we wouldn't be able to see your super lustrous hair, which looks boss, by the way.

    Love, Aunt B (yes, i know it's capelet, but i like saying capulet, cuz, well, you know)

  3. sometimes you are a little too cool for me, Abby. Maybe you've been living in Brooklyn too long.
    (translation: i hella miss you)